Friday, June 30, 2006

Nokia 770 OS upgrade now available

As promised, Nokia has just posted the Internet Tablet 2006 operating system for download -- although as of this writing you get redirected to an error page -- giving 770 owners access to those handful of new features announced last month.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

DirectCast 06.29.2006

Buzz Out Loud - 06.29.06 - The Google that cannot be named
Mobile Today Podcast #63
Buzz Out Loud - 06.28.06 - Who is worse? Microsoft or Apple?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Full Featured Computer - Smaller than a Credit Card

In this space, they somehow manage to fit in an Intel XScale chip running Windows CE or Linux, half a gig of flash, 128MB of RAM, AC
'97 sound and a Philips 802.11b wireless interface, as well as some things you wouldn't find on a PDA, such as a PCI bus, 4 USB host ports and wired networking.

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Honey, I Shrank the Laptop

The tiny, tiny Flybook. Measures 9.25 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches total, the display is only 8.9 inches and the whole thing weighs less than three pounds.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Palm and RIM to merge?

"Perhaps you've heard the buzz, but if not there's a rumor going around right now that mobile communicator rivals Palm and Research In Motion are set to announce a merger of equals as early as this very Thursday."

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DirectCast 06.27.2006

Mobile Today Podcast #62
MP3 Insider - 06.27.06 - iPod sweatshop drama
Buzz Out Loud - 06.27.06 - Cell phones excite the brain

Monday, June 26, 2006

3pm - Growing stronger every week

This site has tons of mp3 links to choose from! Get what you can while you can!

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New Digg v3 Launched

Update: There are some things I don't like about the redisign, and some that are pretty good. Overall, I am not that impressed with this version over the previous one. There is still a lot of work that could be done to make the site better. I'm sure some of that work is still forthcomming and we just have to wait a while longer.

DirectCast 06.26.2006

Buzz Out Loud - 06.26.06 - RIM and Palm to merge?
TWiT 59: Roots
Diggnation Ep.51 - 06.22.06
1SRC Podcast EightyTwo
The PSP Show #14 - Jump MacGyver, Jump.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

3pm Injection [13]

Sorry for the late Injection everyone. It's been crazy on my end with all the new projects I've been working on. The 3pm update is comming in the next day or two, but I'll leave you all with a link to some cool music from DJ Sonix. Be sure to make a donation on his site if you like what you hear from him.

3pm: "Because music wants to live"
Digitalis - Submix 026 - Clear Future
Beatles - Imagine
Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco - Touch The Sky
Mad Professor - Vikings Dub
Massive Attack - DNB Remix

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Worlds smallest Camera Chip from OmniVision

"The 2.1 mm by 2.3 mm CSP packaged chip will enable a 3.2 mm diameter microscopic camera module, making many medical procedures even less invasive for the patient. It also allows certain medical devices such as intubation systems and endoscopes to be made even smaller to allow for use on infants and small children."

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News 06.23.2006

- I was recently able to try the demo version of Hedgehopper, a mario-style game for the 770, and I am quite impressed with it so far. I like the controls and I especially like the way you have to tap the screen to jump, it's quite intuitive for that particular action and should be used for that purpose in other games that require you to jump. I think the game may need some more depth, different enemy AI, power-ups/weapons, extra life locations, and bosses of course. I wish much luck and success to the Hedgehopper development team. Great work guys.

DirectCast 06.23.2006

Buzz Out Loud - 06.23.06 - MPAA-gate
Om and Niall PodSessions - 06.23.06

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Digg 3 To Launch Monday: Exclusive Screenshots and Stats

"Digg 3.0 will launch Monday, June 26, in the morning PST. The launch is being announced this evening, and Digg has made a number of screen shots available to me which are included in this post."

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Democracy Player is new baby of Open Source Internet TV

Democracy Player just released a stable beta version (fast on my Linux box too). They call it their baby Democracy, with toddler Democracy coming next. It's slated to be the open source answer to any major video needs that you might have, including video managment and downloading and playing any and all of your torrents.

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DirectCast 06.22.2006

TalkCrunch Ep.10: Digg 3.0 Launches - Interview With Founders Kevin Rose & Jay Adelson
Buzz Out Loud - 06.22.06 - ATandT, the wrong choice
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MP3 Insider - 06.21.06 - Does Microsoft have an iPod killer?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Next gen Linux tablets get Nokia thumbs-up

After the success of its original Linux tablet, the 770, Nokia is already looking at the next generation of internet-only devices.

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How not to Steal a Sidekick concludes.

After a three week saga, that involved a taxi, a stolen sidekick, a girl from corona, a man from Manhattan, and thousands of internet fans, the stolen sidekick saga concludes.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Artificial Intelligence: When Humans Transcend Biology

Robots won't be convincing as human equivalents until computers can pass the Turing test which I've consistently pegged at 2029. At that point we will have completed the reverse engineering of the several hundred regions that comprise the human brain And we'll have the hardware to implemented these principles of operation of human intelligence.

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News 06.20.2006

- The Opera 9 browser has been officially released, and is really being pushed well by the Opera marketing team. Let's hope that this means a future upgrade to the Nokia 770 version is coming soon. Find out about what's new in the new version of thebrowser here.

- The Linux 2.6.17 kernel is toting better WiFi support and performance. Great news for those of us that were having trouble connecting with unsupported network cards.

- The T-Mobile Sidekick 3 has been officially unveiled, and I speak for myself when I say after being recently exposed to the freedoms of Linux and the Open Source community with the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and Ubuntu for my laptop, the Sidekick 3 is far fromappealing to me. I'm sure the UI is still as great as it has been in the previous renditions, and there are a lot of improvements on the hardware overall, but that screen just doesn't compare against the 770. There is a lot of room for improvement on the 770's Debian-based [Linux] OS, whereas the Sidekick is locked down so tight that even the new Bluetooth 1.2 functionality is limited to basic transferal of data. Most likely using proprietary software from T-Moble.

DirectCast 06.20.2006

Wi-Fi Networking News Podcast #2
Wi-Fi Networking News Podcast #1
Buzz Out Loud - 06.20.06 - Everybody's pickin' on MySpace
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Buzz Out Loud - 06.19.06 - Peek inside Toshiba's HD-DVD player

Today's news coming soon...

IBM gets processor to run at 500GHz!!!!

IBM and Georgia Tech have coaxed a chip to run at 500GHz, a record for a silicon-based device, by dropping the temperature to minus 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Black DS Lite In The Flesh!

This thing is pretty damn sexy and looks much better here than in the press shots!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

DirectCast 06.19.2006

Buzz Out Loud - 06.19.06 - Peek inside Toshiba's HD-DVD player
Diggnation Ep.50 - 06.14.06
TWiT 58: The Milla Jovovich Show

Saturday, June 17, 2006

3pm Injection [12]

We've got a nice sized 3pm update coming soon. Thanks to everyone pointing us to some really good stuff. It is getting pretty difficult to keep track of bad/broken links these days, so if anyone notices the ones I miss after updating please don't hesitate to let me know. Keep those great links coming and enjoy.

3pm: "Bringing back the magic of music"
Billie Holliday - It Had To Be You
Busta Rhymes - Give Me Some More
Yoko Kanno - Pot City
William S. Burroughs - Things To Think About
Papoose - Body Bluffin

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Friday, June 16, 2006

News 06.16.2006

- I've been playing around with the gtalk2voip service on my Nokia 770 on and off, and actually got it working so that I could call landline phones using Google Talk which is in the Internet Tablet OS 2006 beta. The service works suprisingly well, and actually worked better than just the Google Talk client alone. I would like to have an option to use PayPal to add credits to the service. Maybe in the near future. This is just what we need to make true VoIP calls from the 770. Great work GTalk2VoIP!

- PSP question of the day: Would Sony update the firmware as frequently if PSP homebrew development wasn't so aggressive, and would there be as many "official" features without the PSP homebrew community?

DirectCast 06.16.2006

Buzz Out Loud - 06.16.06 - Bill Gates has left the building
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The PSP Show #13 - Falling off a Cliff with an FM Radio.
The Mobile Technology Show #6
The PSP Show #12 - Roms, Firmwares and Demos

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mobile Phone Companies Join Forces on Linux

Four mobile handset makers are teaming up with two cellular operators to develop a new Linux software platform for mobile devices.

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News 06.15.2006

- Looks like the relatively new Micro PC Talk is turning out to be a worthy Internet Tablet Talk counterpart these days. Much like Internet Tablet Talk, there is a focus on the Sony UMPC devices and their features and accessories. The site is well laid out and easy to use. It has simplicity without loosing any important content. Good job Micro PC Talk web designers.

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Kevin Rose confirms Digg version 3 launch in 3 weeks
Digg v3 Screenshot
Skype 2.5 Officially Released!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

DirectCast 06.14.2006

Diggnation Ep.49 - 06.08.06
Buzz Out Loud - 06.13.06 - Music piracy: Mission accomplished!
TWiT 57: Vloggercon
TalkCrunch Ep.9: Flock Launches - An Interview with the founders
Mobile Today Podcast #58

News 06.14.2006

- Been real busy lately for me and I haven't been able to make much time to post much to NET9 lately. I'd like to warn all my visitors that posts may become even more sparse as I am working on several new projects at the moment that demand a large portion of my time. 3pm Injections will continue on a regular weekly basis, and I'll try to get as much news related to "The Future Of Mobile Information Technology" posted as quick as I can. Also I am creating a new DirectCast section for popular podcast mp3 links as they become available. That will be separate from the news posts starting now.

- And now for some mobile news...What will your mobile look like in 2015? [and it's digg story counterpart for comments]. It's good that at least Nokia is doing something to foster innovation by reaching into the growing imaginations of our youth. More companies need to team up with high schools and universities for projects like this that actually stimulate creativity and is still interesting to students.

Monday, June 12, 2006

News 06.12.2006

I've been exploring the new Internet Tablet OS 2006 edition BETA for the Nokia 770 this past weekend, and I found out that there's more in this thing than I thought. You can really tell a lot of skilled people have been working on this update. Here's some other items of interest to be found in the software.

- More zoom levels to choose from.
- The thumb keyboard feature was elusive, but it is there as well.
- The Opera browser stores passwords correctly.
- Each browser window has an icon that corresponds to each site.

There are alot of great people working hard to get the programs working for Maemo 2.0, and my hat goes off to them. there are already some apps that are compatible with the 2006 edition.

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Google Earth for Linux (beta) Released!
How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu!

Buzz Out Loud - 06.012.06 - Propagate the mutate
Om and Niall PodSessions - 06.11.06

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Origami UMPCs are a disaster

Microsoft's Origami Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) is looking like the company's biggest flop since Windows ME. Fortunately for Microsoft, it's not paying for this mistake, you are, if you buy one now.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

3pm Injection [11]

Quick trivia for everyone: What makes a song catchy? I mean, lord knows having something like this stuck in your head for weeks on end has got to be torture. I don't know about anyone else, but there's got to be something more behind sound that we still have yet to discover. Much like vision, I think there are some interesting ways to manipulate the brain in various positive and negative ways. So, next time you get that crazy tune stuck in your head, think about what it could be doing to you other than driving you insane.

3pm: "Just waiting to get sued"
Alchemist - Strength [Instrumental]
Young Ron - Who Is Ron
Yoko Kanno - Piano Black
Sean Paul - Like Glue
Loki - Stamina

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Friday, June 09, 2006

News 06.09.2006

- Maemo 2.0 Beta Release for the Nokia 770 is available to at It is targeted for Maemo developers, but appears to be free for anyone curious enough to get as well. It's good to know we will see a final release soon by the looks of things, so hurry up developers and get those apps working for the new Maemo 2.0! The wait is almost over.

- I've taken the plunge and updated to the Maemo 2.0 Beta Release and I have to say, it is pretty slick. A bit faster in just about every aspect of the software, minor browser crashes every once and a while (may be due to being connected via the "presence" feature while in the browser). I like the chat and call features the most. This is definately the future of mobile devices.

Been playing around with the Maemo 2.0 Beta Release for a while now and discovered some things I hadn't noticed before:

- There is an option in the memory applet in the Control Panel section that allows you to create virtual memory to an RS-MMC card.
- The ability to rearrange the windows in the home screen.
- The ability to rearrange the main menu items and folders.
- While in chat, one can maximize/minimize the chat text area to make use of the width of the screen.
- Alarm setting in the clock applet (finally!).

Buzz Out Loud - 06.09.06 - Microsoft: Back to bad
Diggnation Ep.48 - 06.01.06

Thursday, June 08, 2006

News 06.08.2006

Hot Diggs
E-mail 2.0 Reborn for Dapper
MIT Super Battery recharges "in a matter of seconds"
The Ubuntu Dapper Experience

Buzz Out Loud - 06.08.06 - Buzz off, baseball!
Daily SearchCast - 06.08.06
Daily SearchCast - 06.07.06

News 06.07.2006 [Late]

- Sorry for the late post everyone. Had technical difficulties with my ISP today.

- Looks like I made a pretty good choice for my Linux installation last week. I've recieved a lot of helpful tips from people in the Ubuntu Linux community, and it doesn't hurt that there's plenty of news and articles all over the web poping up these days that cover everything from installation to configuring it as a server. Listed below are but a few of the stories related to the truly awesome OS.

Windows? Linux? Huh?
Improve performance in Ubuntu
How To Build A LAMP Server With Ubuntu 6.06 LTS
Ubuntu's Dapper Drake is one impressive Linux distro

Buzz Out Loud - 06.07.06 - Death by rambling podcast!
Buzz Out Loud - 06.06.06 - Hot diggity! Google Spreadsheet
Daily SearchCast - 06.06.06

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

News 06.06.2006

- Looks like Google Spreadsheets is comming soon [already here for some]. This new service will join forces with the likes of Gmail, Writely, Page Creator, and Calendar to form the web incarnation of the desktop office applications that we have become used to. Of course Google still won't admit they are building an online office suite, but we are about to have one more part of this non-existent suite. Just to note what's left to become part of that suite, we have only the presentation application and database application left after this addition. If Google isn't building an office suite, it will be interesting to see just what they are up to.

- The RIAA has it's sights on YouTube and Google Video. This could get interesting.

Om and Niall PodSessions - 06.05.06
TalkCrunch Ep.8: Gill Penchina On Leaving eBay for Wikia

Monday, June 05, 2006

Audio for 06.05.2006

Ask A Ninja: Special Delivery 6 "Ninja and the Matrix"
TWiT 56: Bork, Bork, Bork
Buzz Out Loud - 06.05.06 - Poor widdle Microsoft

Busta Rhymes - Give Me Some More
Christina Milian feat. Fabolous - Dip It Low
Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

The Future of Personalized Start Pages

"The difference from old-style web portals are: the user can personalize them much more (with RSS, inline email, etc), the content is more interactive and potentially much more useful (i.e. gadgets, widgets), they can be collaborative, and there is Ajax pixie dust to make it more of a desktop-like experience."

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Sidekick III launches July 10th

"Alright Sidekick fans, here it is, the date you've been waiting for. Contrary to the many rumors floating around about the Sidekick III's release date, no, it's not June 5th, 9th, 20th, or the 26th. We obtained some very reliable inside information that T-Mobile is actually all set to introduce the latest Sidekick iteration on July 10th"

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The future's looking mighty good for Linux

This is an editorial from the good folks over at Linux Today. It makes sense to me, here's hoping their right :)

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

3pm Injection [10]

Okay, I was trying to have an update for 3pm last night, but couldn't get around to it. I'll have it up by this evening though for sure. Thanks to everyone pointing me to some good links to put on the site. If there's something you like and know the location of the file(s), don't hesitate to share it with us. If it's good music to you, it's good music to us.

3pm: "The sound of graffiti"
Wu-Tang Clan - Gas Drawls
Unknown - Baby [Abortion Song]
Rihanna - If It's Lovin' That You Want
Kind1 - New Legs
DJ Miccs - Jinks

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News 06.03.2006

- Okay, so I found EasyUbuntu just after yesterday's news update on Digg. Now I've got DVD and mp3 playback support along with Skype and other goodies. If anyone has any tips for a new Ubuntu user, I'd greatly appreciate them. I am looking for a good BitTorrent client at the moment...

Update: Nevermind about the BitTorrent client, I didn't notice that Ubuntu came bundled with it. I guess I'm set for now.

- Netvibes responds to feedback and throws some more details on the recently introduced features.

- According to GigaOM, YouTube is dominating the user submitted, online video corner of the web.

Hot Diggs
2016: A Peek at Our Internet Future
EarthLink's Big Bet on Broadband
Broadband Video Will Replace Cable Television

Friday, June 02, 2006

News 06.02.2006

- Future is with intelligent networks . Duh?

- Made the switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu [6.06] today. The reason for this was that I began having serious problems with drivers going poof and unexplainable unrecoverable data loss on my laptop. I think the transition is going smooth so far, only had to tweak a few settings here and there. Nothing a Linux novice can't handle [not that I am one]. I'll be working my way through the new OS to make sure I can do what I need for work and with as little problems as possible for the next week or so. I may have more news and info on my progress in future NET9 news, so stay tuned.

Buzz Out Loud - 06.02.06 - The Internet is watching you
Buzz Out Loud - 06.01.06 - Nintendo Wii launch date?
Daily SearchCast - 06.02.06
Daily SearchCast - 06.01.06

Mozilla Firefox Released

Firefox is a security update that is part of our ongoing program to provide a safe Internet experience for our customers. The new version features improvements to product stability and several security fixes.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

News 06.01.2006

- Yay! Netvibes added a digg module and an ebay module. Great job Netvibes crew!

- New Orleans' Free Wi-Fi Is Scarce says Wired News. Hopefully, Earthlink can help with its additional wireless network.

- Bloglines adds Adds Blog Search. Finally.

Buzz Out Loud - 05.31.06 - I am wrong. Love, Tom
Daily SearchCast - 05.31.06