Wednesday, May 03, 2006

News 05.03.2006

Wireless manufacturers go ga-ga over 802.11n
PDA eye strain leads to rise in optician awareness

I know a lot of you are getting tired of the Net Neutrality topic and some still have no idea what it even is. I'm gonna run this topicuntil the legs fall off it, so get informed and get involved or get out of the way. Here's some recent news on what's going on.

No love for network neutrality in the Senate
Why You Should Care About Network Neutrality
Network Neutrality Act of 2006
Tim Berners-Lee On Network Neutrality

Web Links
Save The Internet

Diggnation Ep.43 - 04.27.06
Buzz Out Loud - 05.02.06 - Robots: Taking it to the streets
Daily SearchCast - 05.02.06
Engadget #77 - 05.02.06


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