Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sonic Rush

This game is pure speed as usual for the classic sonic experience. This time however, theres a dash of 3D action thrown into the mix along with a hip new female character. And if you thought one DS screen would be enough to contain the chaotic speed of Sonic, you would be sorely mistaken. It takes a lot of coordination, patience, practice, and flat out stubbornness to get through some of the insanely complex levels at a break-neck pace.

I honestly don't remember the Sonic games from days of old being anywhere near as hard as this game. Trying to keep track of the super fast blue hedgehog across two screens may give you epilepsy or some sort of motion sickness, but the game is loaded with fun twists and turns that will have you yearning for more. Of course the Sonic fans will love all the new and unique levels that bring a pretty good challenge to the game, but the storyline could surely use an injection of energy. It's possible that the speed and action of the game play just completely overshadows the story and other aspects of the game though.

There's a new playable character, very cool boss levels, and more. I'd recommend this game to anyone with a need for speed and any fan of the Sonic franchise. I like Sonic Rush and will keep it in my collection for the challenge, but I'm more of a Mario kind of guy.

Games To Go Rating: 3 out of 5


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