Monday, August 28, 2006

The Next Evolutionary Step For The Nokia 770

Now that we've got a much more stable version of Internet Tablet OS running our Nokia 770s the new question is what's next? The 770 being primarily a hacker's mobile playground, it's no surprise that weconsistently want to do more with the device than is currently possible. So before we get into speculating about the things further down the road for the 770, let's look at where we are in terms of current features.

Let's start with what it's meant to do. Internet browsing. The current state of development of Minimo, the Firefox browser for mobile devices, is very promising for an alternative web browser for the 770. It already can display websites that the native Opera browser has some trouble with. As improvements in performance continue with Minimo, we are sure to have options for browsing the web.

With the IT 2006 OS supporting VoIP communications, we now have several options for client applications for the device as well. Google Talk is the one to be included with the updated OS, but Gizmo Project was not far behind with their own client that gives even more connectivity options. And of course we can't forget about the Tapioca client either. It will be interesting to see how all these voice and instant messaging applications develop over time.

Speaking of the voice capabilities of the 770, how about a voice recorder application? Thanks to the Open Source Community development of the device we now have one with Maemo Recorder. This is just one of the many useful apps being developed for the device. With the growing list of applications, tools, and games for the 770, there's never a boring moment with the device.

Now that we have a good feeling about the basic foundation of the functionality of the 770, let's talk about the possibilities of its future. In order to extend the capabilities of the Internet connectivity of the device, we all agree that the current version of flash 6 needs to be upgraded to at least version 7 and possibly even version 9. It would bring another dimension of multimedia to the device. We also know that the 770 is capable of Java, but it seems Nokia neglected to bring it to the platform for some strange reason. This is yet another avenue that could produce a ton of possibilities for the 770. It's a good thing the 770 commuity is working on it.

There are so many people with great ideas working on helping the Internet Tablet platform grow to it's maximum potential. It really amazes me to watch how new ideas are born from combining various concepts together. I like how others in the Internet Tablet Community help bring the creativity out of myself and viseversa. With this system of creativity spurring more creativity supporting the platform, I see a lot of great things to come for the next generation of mobile devices like the Nokia 770.


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