Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nokia N800 In "Da Tube" And Other News

I could quote Tim Curry from the movie "It" all day after watching this commercial. "Don't you want it?!"

The wait for the "Golden Ticket" is almost over guys. Just to let everyone know, plans on continuing the development of the cool new applications for Maemo 2.1 and 3.0 no matter what the outcome.

Speaking of Maemo, the upgrade to version 7 from version 6 of flash on the N800 was a long awaited one, but if it's possible to get version 9 up and running we'll be in like Flint [yeah, you can tell I'm into some crazy movies these days].

Oh, and one of these added to the Internet Tablet kits would be nice too.You know, these little things are getting ridiculously large amounts of storage capacity these days. I'm hoping we can get reader implants for the old noggin for those times when I want to record a chunk of my visual experience through this crazy world we happen to live in with my bionic eyes. ;)


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