Friday, April 06, 2007

No Further Support For The 770

Well this news sure got some people pretty upset...

It's been great to have the 770 all this time, and until it dies I'll keep using it, but the news that Nokia is shutting down support and won't be providing further updates to the 770 line is pretty grave to early adopters. I saw the N800 launch as being quite messy in terms of how it was handled, and from the comments early on about it, it seemed to me that this would be like starting all over with the new OS being quite incompatible with much of the software developed for the older one.

This caused me to be a bit suspicious and wait a bit to see how quickly Nokia resolved many of the same issues (and even some new ones) with the N800 as the 770 had before it. I'm still not convinced to purchase the N800 with the current rate of support for the device, and it's approaching the point where I'll wait till the next new tablet to be released in order for me to even think about upgrading again.

Now with the news that support for the 770 has come to an end, I see even less reason to upgrade to the N800, not more. This was a very poor move on Nokia's part. They've done the very exact thing many were hoping would never be done again, the premature abandonment of a great device. As for the future of Internet Tablets as a whole, I hope they continue to get better and that the company(s) that make them continue to get better at supporting them.


At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Tigerlili said...

The writing there was so eloquent, that reading it felt like watching then end of a Star Trek series for some reason. Or when SWG abandoned us. Or when we discovered D&D online was rubbish. It's disappointing news. Early adopter blues and all that.

I was just starting to warm to my second one that I got replaced after the white screen of death murdered my first one.

But we shall rise from the flames and form a new Nokia support group! Imagine in the future, Roombas and 770's and Nabaztags all welded together in a strange hybrid AI! Humans are brilliant, when things break a small group of thinkers always work out how to fix it.

Onwards and Upwards!

At 12:00 AM, Blogger Derek_Coleman said...

Thanks for the comment tigerlili. I just believe that the end of support for a product, new or old, is like getting the will together, making the coffin, and preparing the tomb stone. It's not even "terminally ill" yet, but Nokia sure thinks it's almost time to pull the plug on this one.

I say, long live the 770, and long live Internet Tablets! I, for one...well you know the rest. :)

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Tigerlili said...

I agree. I think that there are so many possibilities for the little-un. Would you willingly buy a Nokia product again after this? I'm not sure I have much faith in them.

At 5:43 PM, Blogger Derek_Coleman said...

I'd probably buy another 770 again if my current one dies before the next tablets come out, but I don't think the N800 is enough of an improvement over the 770 in terms of software, and is for sure not worth breaking OS compatibility. We'll see if Nokia gets things right next time around. There's a lot that needs to be fixed in both branches of the OS, and until they get serious about doing so, I'm keeping my options open for other mobile devices, some even being from other companies.


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