Friday, November 09, 2007

So Much Mobile News Before December

N95 accelerometer discovery, Maemo 4.0 SDK release, N810 giveaway contests, Google's new Android announcement, Internet Tablet Talk redesign, and so much more has been breaking news in the mobile space lately. I'm really excited about the potential of the N95 accelerometer and especially some applications coming soon that will make use of it in incredible way. It's still early November, and it seems that so much great news around mobile tech is just pouring into my RSS reader faster than I can keep up.

It's a really revolutionary time to experience so many new developments surrounding mobile technology and I know this is only just the beginning. With Google joining the mobile space in a monumental way, and devices like the N810 Internet Tablet set to make it's splash this month, it's overwhelming how cool it is to watch the industry grow and change in such big ways in so little time. As the year draws to an end, I believe there will be even more great news of what 2008 will bring.


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