Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stepping Into The World Of Mobile Games

After the recent disappointment of the non-launch of N-Gage, I have decided that NET9 needs to have some involvement mobile gaming somehow. I decided on the Nintendo DS Lite as the dedicated mobile gaming platform. I have had the chance to play with the DS off and on since launch, but it wasn't until I got some quality time with my girlfriend's DS Lite that I came to the conclusion that I must acquire one myself. And so my unit is on its way along with the first game up for review, but I'll keep that surprise for later.

I decided on the Onyx black system to blend with the rest of my decor of course, and because black is undeniably very "pimp". I have my eyes on a case for it, and already have a good idea of what games I plan to add to the collection as well. I haven't owned a Nintendo product since the Nintendo 64, which was a blast to play, and I have always believed Nintendo to be the best at delivering a fun new experience with each new system they dream up.

Of course we won't forget about N-Gage either, and as soon as that launches, we will have just as much coverage for that platform. I truly think this year will be a great year for mobile gaming. The Nintendo DS has a lot more room to grow, and N-Gage is right around the corner. I'm very excited about this year and can't wait to share my thoughts about all things mobile.


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