Friday, December 16, 2005

News 12.16.2005

Internet News
- Gmail Mobile - One more way to get your Gmail mail. Also new for Gmail: Vacation auto-responder - Let people know that you will be away from your Gmail account. Contact groups - Send messages to a group instead of adding individuals manualy.

- What Ajax Can't Do - Good article reminding developers of the limitations of Ajax and problems yet to be solved using Ajax.

- Skype For Pocket PC 1.2 Beta - It seems the good people at Skype haven't forgotten mobile device users after all.

- Microsoft And Google Team To Fund Net Lab - Step up folks, and see the two-headed monster that will determine the fate of the Internet as you know it!

PSP News

- PSP Gets 2D Katamari

Links Of The Day

- SimpleBits


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