Monday, February 27, 2006

New Addition To The Google Universe

Well here it is, yet another Google service. Google Page Creator has been released as beta and having worked with it a bit yesterday and some more today I have to say, it is rather easy to use. Nothing really fancy in terms of raw HTML options, just a simple and quick way to set up a personal website. You get 100MB of storage space at the moment, which is plenty for a basic home page set up but not enough to get too excited about.

I set up a simple site that will extend the NET9 brand even further than it is here. The site is Foundations Of The Future, and you can find some of the stuff I am into and thinking about. I think I will continue articles from NET9 on this platform as it is more flexible to work with than Writely. However, I will continue to provide links here to the articles.

If you have a Gmail account, check it out. It has some minor connection issues, but other than that I think it has the potential to become something big.


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