Monday, February 20, 2006

Welcome To The Future...

I apologize to my readers for staying away from the blog for so long. I have been getting used to my Nokia 770 and am still amazed at how mobile the web has become because of it. It is the ultimate debate ender thanks to sites like Wikipedia,, and Google. It is great to check the local weather and traffic conditions before heading off to work. It is awesome to be able to compare online prices with mall prices while shopping. It's funny watching people get jealous of my instant on (from standby), slick mobile tablet to check email, news, and surf the web in coffee shops. I love to know that I can jump on the net, check my email, check what's new, and collect interesting article clippings all before the average notebook or PC boots up to the desktop. It has been great to take down quick notes where I used to carry a pencil and paper (save the trees!). It used to be I would want to know the answer to a question, or the name of a movie an actor played in, or who did what whenever. I'd say to my self "I'll check it latter". For all those times I would forget what it was I was supposed to check out, they are no more. The process of my evolution as an Internet user has been set into motion and there is hardly anything I can't do now on the go that I had to do stationary before. It seems like living a part in a Sci-fi movie or book. The stuff geeky dreams are made of. But here it is, the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, and I have a feeling it is only the beginning.


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