Wednesday, April 05, 2006

News 04.05.2006

Internet News
Ars Technica reports that the music industry is going after illegal music file-sharers harder than ever. A revolution is at hand people, and something has to give. If P2P is to survive, there must be some sort of evolution must take place. However, I think the music industry and the movie industry going after file-sharers is like the the War on Terror. It's not going to end anytime soon, and unfortunately both conflicts will likely get worse before we see an end to them.

AllPeers has begun their first phase of beta testing the long hyped Firefox file sharing extension. I just got my invite not long ago and will be waiting to get the extension when they start dishing them out. I hear it may take up to a few weeks for people such as myself who got invites to get it. Lets hope they don't take too long.

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