Friday, April 21, 2006

News 04.21.2006

Mobile News
I took the plunge and flashed my Nokia 770 with the latest Software Update (5.2006.13-7). It was a success and I noticed that the Opera browser is faster and doesn't crash nearly as much as it use to (Good job Nokia!). Also, I noticed that when putting the cover over the screen while connected to the Internet I here an interesting "whoosh" sound that I never heard with the previous version of the software. I'm sure there are one or two other improvements/additions to the software that others and myself have yet to discover. If only Nokia gave us the change log of the software it would make the less adventurous 770 owners' decision to update or not much easier.

Be sure to check out the work Moimart is doning on Flite and the new Gaim-Flite .deb.

Google News
"Google stiff-arms analyst expectations" says Ars Technica. Well, I mean it is Google after all, right? The efficiency that they have begun to wield throughout all the elements that make up their brand has opened up the Internet in amazing ways and in some cases created a more stable Internet economy in the process. Even if (or when) Google falls faster than the Roman empire, they willessentially serve as the best template of future Internet companies.

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