Tuesday, April 11, 2006

News 04.11.2006

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I love this article from Ars Technica about RealNetworks fighting tooth and nail to find a reason to injecting DRM into Linux. I find it amusing to watch these companies flounder around trying to justify their delusions of ultimate control over the artistic works of others. It becomes even more hilarious when anyone that actually knows what the masses truly want speaks out and squashes the debate on the spot with even the simplest rebuttal. It really is amazing how as soon as a company's plan to make tons of money in a popular and financially attractive market backfires, they panic and try to implement rules and regulations on the use of the very products and/or services they were counting on making money with. What they don't realize is that this act of "protecting" a particular product and/or service frustrates consumers to the inevitable point where it's no longer worth their time to even fool with it, further decreasing the potential of the company to make money with it. I may not know what the answer is to everyone's issues with DRM, but I know the way things are going it will be a while before one that works is truly found.

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