Wednesday, June 14, 2006

News 06.14.2006

- Been real busy lately for me and I haven't been able to make much time to post much to NET9 lately. I'd like to warn all my visitors that posts may become even more sparse as I am working on several new projects at the moment that demand a large portion of my time. 3pm Injections will continue on a regular weekly basis, and I'll try to get as much news related to "The Future Of Mobile Information Technology" posted as quick as I can. Also I am creating a new DirectCast section for popular podcast mp3 links as they become available. That will be separate from the news posts starting now.

- And now for some mobile news...What will your mobile look like in 2015? [and it's digg story counterpart for comments]. It's good that at least Nokia is doing something to foster innovation by reaching into the growing imaginations of our youth. More companies need to team up with high schools and universities for projects like this that actually stimulate creativity and is still interesting to students.


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