Friday, June 09, 2006

News 06.09.2006

- Maemo 2.0 Beta Release for the Nokia 770 is available to at It is targeted for Maemo developers, but appears to be free for anyone curious enough to get as well. It's good to know we will see a final release soon by the looks of things, so hurry up developers and get those apps working for the new Maemo 2.0! The wait is almost over.

- I've taken the plunge and updated to the Maemo 2.0 Beta Release and I have to say, it is pretty slick. A bit faster in just about every aspect of the software, minor browser crashes every once and a while (may be due to being connected via the "presence" feature while in the browser). I like the chat and call features the most. This is definately the future of mobile devices.

Been playing around with the Maemo 2.0 Beta Release for a while now and discovered some things I hadn't noticed before:

- There is an option in the memory applet in the Control Panel section that allows you to create virtual memory to an RS-MMC card.
- The ability to rearrange the windows in the home screen.
- The ability to rearrange the main menu items and folders.
- While in chat, one can maximize/minimize the chat text area to make use of the width of the screen.
- Alarm setting in the clock applet (finally!).

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