Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sony Lawsuits Bring Down Lik-Sang

Talk about a suicide death wish, Sony just doesn't quit at making it's customers more and more angry at them with stunts like this. This is going to end very bad for Sony in the long run. I can see it now. All of us once liked Sony, then therootkit incident caused many to defect. Then there was the PSP firmware wars between the big company and the homebrew community. Then the freak show that churned out the PS3, which leads to the Blu-ray and HDDVD wars. Oh, and don't forget the largest battery recall in the history of consumer electronics. But that wasn't enough for Sony. They just had to break the backs of good old Lik-Sang. We'll tell our children and they'll tell their children that Sony became an evil and cannibalistic empire and should never be trusted again. You will be missed by many Lik-Sang.

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