Friday, December 08, 2006

Are We There Yet?

Last year we saw the cool All-In-One card concept, and its about that time to look back on how far we've come in terms of the technology that comes close to producing something similar. We started the year off with the amazing abilities of the Nokia 770, and latter saw mobile phones likeSamsung's get super slim. Recently, we've been introduced to images of the new Internet Tablet coming from Nokia some time next year that show a slightly slimmer device with an integrated web cam and improved media card options.

So far, we have seen many realistic technological improvements in the mobile space, but we still have a ways to go be for we start seeing usable products like the All-In-One card. I think 2007 holds a lot of improvements in the technology that will power the next generation of mobile devices. Here are some of the tech that you are likely to see in your next mobile device:

- Ultra thin screens [1]
- Micro sized mass storage [1] [2]
- Better batteries [1] [2]


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