Monday, December 04, 2006

Most Overlooked Nokia 770 Features

Okay, so maybe they are more underrated than overlooked, but with the numerous gripes about what the 770 appears to be lacking, it sure seems some reviews of the device missed some pretty useful features. It may be the case that these features are just misunderstood. In any case, these are the three that seem to be the most prevalent in my opinion:

Thumb Keyboard
To this day there are people that still don't know there is a thumb keyboard alternative to the smaller touch screen keyboard, and that it is quite usable once you get the hang of it. It may also be true that there are people that know it's there, but just don't like using it at all, due to non-tactile feedback or other reasons. This is the number one feature that most people would like, but it's not easily noticed that it's there at first glance of the device. Hopefully, more people will be able to spread the word about this feature going forward.

To make the launching of the thumb keyboard easier: Keyboard menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Finger (tab) -> Check "Launch via rocker key"
This allows you to activate the thumb keyboard using the select key in the directional pad.

Notes Application
Paired with the functionality of the thumb keyboard on the 770, the notes application is a very capable feature that has garnered almost as much "negative" attention as the thumb keyboard itself. Seems as if half of the people knowledgeable about the Nokia 770 hate the notes application, while the other half don't even know it's there. Again, this is likely due to the fact that it's really not as visible at first glance. Perhaps this application would gain more more positive attention if it were more readily accessible and had a few more options, say via a corresponding home applet.

To save notes in plain text: Menu -> Format -> File format -> Plain text
This creates an unformatted text file that's more readable by text editors and word processors.

Built-in Microphone
I don't know how few people know that the 770's microphone exists, but even now that Google Talk and other VoIP applications like Gizmo are available for the device, there are those who still ask me where the speaker is if it can do all that. But the microphone's functionality doesn't stop there, as there is a pretty useful voice recorder application as well. It's nice for taking notes audibly which is faster than typing, even if you're quick with the thumb keyboard. However, this application could use a simple home applet as well.


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