Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mini Comics And Other Art Stuff

So I think I found my drawing style using sketch on the 770, and I even learned some tricks that the app can do that I never knew before.

- I'm pretty good at perspective drawing, which is easy for me to use when doing 770 sketches. It helps organize the space well and is quick filler.
- I also think the monochromatic option [varying shades or tints of a single color] is best for shading and I find four or fewer levels of shading works best.
- Silhouettes are cool and quick for drawing people on the fly.
- And of course what I call my "string shading" technique gives a quick and incomplete look while making a sketch appear less "digital".

- You can increase the canvas size to the left, right, top, and bottom from the Edit section in the menu.
- The zoom toggle changes the thickness of the line. One less movement to change an option saves a little time.
- Unfortunately, the undo option only remembers the most recent action, so the eraser tool is going to be your best friend.
- There's no fill tool either, but if you really must fill a space with color, big brush to little brush filling works well.

Hmm...at this rate, I may need to set up a 770 art gallery to organize all of this.


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