Monday, December 18, 2006

Please Excuse My Fuzzy Logic

Back in October, when there was only that single blurry image to go by, I shared my thoughts on some of the external features of the new Internet Tablet hardware in the works from Nokia. Now that we've gathered a few more crumbs of info and some more images of the device, many questions about the the device have been answered. Now I'm going to take the speculation to the next level. Here are some of my new thoughts:

About that camera...
It's going to be a major feature, but not the main feature. After all, the addition of a camera alone is not a very smart reason to roll out a new tablet.
- 2 megapixels or higher with VGA-quality video and image capture
- Ability to rotate 180° [towards or away from user]

The mystery of the two memory slots...
It just makes the most sense for Nokia to support the full-size SD format [for both slots]. It would mean you could use SD, MMC, RS-MMC, SDmini, and SDmicro. Plus it would make a lot of people happy, I'm sure.
- 2x SD memory slots

On the inside...
Here's where I think the real surprise will come. The video capture requirements alone makes it logical to upgrade to a more powerful processor. Internal memory is likely to get a boost as well.
- OMAP2420 or OMAP2430 processor [because the OMAP1710 is just not capable of capturing video efficiently]
- More memory [256MB with 128MB available to user]

And software too...
The initial camera software will probably not be the only new addition with the launch of the new tablet. I think there will be a big upgrade to the Application manager as well.
- Opera browser upgrade [v8.02 to v8.5]
- Google Talk [with video of course]
- Possible Adobe Flash upgrade [v6 to v7]

Can't forget the price...
And finally, the price we're likely to pay for all these wonderful new features will of course be slightly higher than that of the 770. I believe it will still be worth it, how about you?
- $400 - $450

Don't get your hopes too high with all of this though. After all, I was wrong about one or two things in my last shot at this.


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