Saturday, November 25, 2006


Clipcomm BS-T100V converts VoIP to your mobile via Bluetooth - An interesting idea I'd expect to have seen emerge long before now. I look forward to seeing a WiMAX via WiFi/Bluetooth solution for what we will, in the near future, refer to as "older wireless devices" that are not equipped with newer wireless standards.

UK schools pull the plug on WiFi for alleged health reasons - This is the kind of backwards thinking that really gets my goat. Expect to see more of your taxpayer money waisted on research to determine if WiFi radio frequency radiation is hazardous. Then expect to see more waisted on implementation of a bio-hazard rating system for the varying levels of radiation found to be emitting from cellular communication towers, power lines, WiMAX, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Not to mention the laws that will pop up making carrying mobile devices with wireless antennas built in restricted. You'll either need a license to carry such devices, or it could eventually become flat out illegal to enter "No Wireless" zones. But of course all of this will be just as weakly enforced as "No Smoking" areas are to this very day.


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