Friday, April 13, 2007

Flash Forward: Simple Games

I've written before about how important Internet standards and protocols are to the future of Internet Tablets and mobile devices in general. And as these devices get to be more powerful, I believe Flash will continue to be a major asset to the mobile space and further enhance the mobile experience in unique and amazing ways.

Over the next several posts, I'll be reviewing some flash games that not only provide simple mobile entertainment, but also provide a sense of what is possible from a user interface perspective. Combined with other web standards, flash could possibly provide a sensible alternative to much of mobile interfaces and even parts of the operating system. It is an even more logical idea today with mobile devices better capable of handling multimedia content and able to connect in more ways to networks.

So, let's get to the games...

Launch Fighters
This is your basic Space Invaders type game where you save the planet by defending against waves of enemies trying to attack. The graphics are simple, the frame rate is a bit on the slow side (770), but the UI is simple enough for the game to not only work on the intended iriver clix device, but also on devices like the Nokia 770 and N800. Simple left, right, down (shoot), and up (menu) provides all the controls needed to interact with the game. Of course, unlike the iriver clix, the Internet Tablets have access to a touch screen, which could potentially add more options to the UI control of the game if needed.
Play | Adobe Mobile

A simple Blackjack game, again using only the directional navigation to interact with the UI of the game. With well labeled controls and highlighted options that add another dimension to the game, it's easy to see that there's a lot of flexibility in what you can create with just a directional interface using flash.
Play | Minigate

Next Up... "Menus In Motion"


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