Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick Mobile News Update

Images of the possible Android G2 smartphone have been making there way around the web and from the looks of the device it would appear that there will be no hardware keyboard of any sort leading many to believe the update to Android, code-named "Cupcake", will be in this phone by default. Cupcake will bring the touch-screen keyboard feature necessary to use such a device as well as video recording and browser find functions. It looks like Android is growing quite nicely, and will soon be offered on a quickly expanding number of devices too.

The follow up to Asphalt 3: Street Rules is now available. Asphalt 4 brings real-time Bluetooth multiplayer mode for true competition with your friends, 28 "real-life" cars and bikes, improved handling, and a new drift engine for some tighter turns on those crazy curves. To me the game looks graphically the same as its predecessor, and there's still no online multiplayer mode. The game is a good update to the series, but for $13.49 there's not enough substance to this racing sequel.

A while back there was a lot of frustration when many N-Gage gamers discovered game licenses they had purchased were locked to the phone purchased for, and since then Nokia has responded by implementing a one-time transfer of game licenses to a different phone. That's all good and fine for now, but we are still hopeful there will be an easy and potentially more flexible solution to moving one's N-Gage collection to another phone. All About N-Gage has more on this news.

This week I turned my Nokia N81 8GB into a nice webcam using Mobiola's web camera application. Setup was pretty straightforward. Download the application to the computer and the S60 application to the phone. Connect via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Change some settings of supported IM clients to use the Mobiola video source, and you're good to go. Video quality is very good, but I wish there was audio support as well. Finding a suitable location for the phone to capture video is a bit tricky, but the fact that the connection can be wireless offers more freedom of location choices.This is a great application. It just needs audio support, and it will be a perfect video conferencing solution for mobile warriors.

I'm already pretty excited about the Nokia N97, and have been saving up for a device like this since I heard about S60 Touch UI. There have been a lot of questions from other bloggers interested in the device, and Axel Meyer, Head of Design at Nokia Nseries has the answers. Be sure to check out the informative and even inspiring video for the quick Q&A session.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Shujaa said...

Welcome Back. I'm still waiting on my Cupcake Android OS update. Whats the holdup, Google? I needs my video and bluetooth!


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