Monday, February 23, 2009

Location-Based Everything

We are at the horizon of an era when just about everything you do will have some sort of connection to your location. Imaging has never been the same since the introduction of geotagging, and based on what Nokia is working on with it's new Nokia Image Space concept, it will get even more interesting. It doesn't stop at images, or even video. Prepare for a future when you will be able to get notifications of the latest deals based on your location, or detailed information on a monument as you focus on it with your camera. Then imagine being able to do what you want with that information. Post it to Flickr with the info or send the same coupons you are receiving at the store near your location to friends nearby.

Nokia is working on a more natural way of showing and sharing images, audio and video with this new concept and it will only get more interesting with the addition of augmented reality features. Combined with the upcoming features of Nokia's Ovi Store, this technology could change mobile computing forever. It's safe to say that location-based services for mobile devices will be a huge part of the mobile future.


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