Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mobile World Congress: The Aftermath

Lots of great new mobile tech was shown off at the 2009 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona Spain last week, and we could fill multiple posts with all of the thoughts and ideas we've come to gain from the multitude of new devices revealed at the conference. We have a few that impressed us much more than others, and we'll expand on those below. I have yet to physically attend one of these events, but I have to say, Nokia seems to be the best at presenting their part of the show virtually as well as interactively. It's like being there without being there.

Nokia's application store is officially named Ovi Store and will launch in May according to Engadget. The best parts of it's announcement have to be that it won't just offer mobile applications, but mobile wallpapers, tones, games, audio/video podcasts, images, and more. Plus, it will be a "smart store", which means it will be able to suggest content based on your location, personal preferences, and even recommendations from your friends. I've come to love Ovi as a service for my mobile, and I can only imagine it will get exponentially better with the launching of the Ovi Store. Oh, and you better believe NET9 and will be putting up content when it goes online this May.

Don't get too excited about this one just yet, but Adobe has announced that Flash 10 will be on most mobile phones in 2010. That's nice, but pretty much expected from most mobile technology aficionados. The thing about this news is that by that time, we will have gotten Flash version 11, 12, or even 13 for the PC, right? Maybe it's just me, but Adobe disappoints me to no end with news like this. All it is is "future hype" about things that should happen anyways and in some cases, should have already been happening. By early 2010, mobile devices will be more than powerful enough to make Flash 10 work. Adobe knows this, we know this, and it's just plain disgusting to hype Flash 10 for mobile in this way. Anyways, at least Adobe is letting everyone know that they are still working on it.

The GSMA have announced a deal with 17 companies (so far) in an effort to standardize mobile chargers by 2012. The proposed chargers will be Micro-USB style and potentially consume up to 50% less power while helping to decrease the amount of cable clutter consumers now have. This is just one of many ways the future of mobile will progress for the better. Just imagine the computer industry having multiple variations of power cords and you get the idea of how much of a mess we are in when it comes to mobile standards.

Quick Impressions:
Nokia N86 8MP - As an obvious update to the N85, the N86 is the only phone that I would wait for if the N97 never existed. However, the 8 megapixel camera, OLED screen, and styling update still don't justify a worthy enough upgrade from my N95-3. The N97 has what it takes to get me to upgrade though. Touchscreen, sliding QWERTY, and S60 5th edition. The next phone after that will have to have the combination of the N97 and N86 features along with at least 3 new features not on any of these two phones.

Sony Ericsson Idou -If an 8MP camera isn't enough for you, Sony Ericsson's Idou has 12.1MP for your to chew on. And from what little we've heard, it seems this will be one of the first Symbian Foundation OS powered phones to be shown off in public. It's good to see so much advancement and adoption of mobile technology and open software from Sony Ericsson. Companies like Nokia, Samsung, and even Microsoft would not be the same without Sony Ericsson around to mix things up a little bit. I think the Idou has a real good head start in such a competitive market and it will sell very well.

Samsung Omnia HD (i8910) - This is one phone that sneaked up on us here at NET9. Samsung's Omnia HD will not only be able to capture 720p video, not only have HDMI-out, not only have an 8MP camera, not only have a 3.7 inch AMOLED touch display, but it will also be running S60 5th edition! Way to push Nokia's button's Samsung. This is probably the only phone shown at MWC 2009 that made me second guess my Nokia N97 commitment.

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