Thursday, February 04, 2010

Huge News Surrounding Nokia And Symbian

Talk about huge news...this has to be the biggest today. Symbian is now completely Open Source, which means many things for device manufacturers, developers, and consumers alike. I believe this day will be looked back on as one of the greatest moments in mobile history.

Now there's "Top Free", "Best Sellers", and "New" tabs for the various genres of content in the store. Apparently this is will speed access to the content you are looking for. Search, it seems, is still not working at it's best though.

We're not sure if this is an actual Nokia device just yet, but if it is, we'll most likely get more information about it at MWC. From the images, it looks to be a low to mid-end device. Let's just hope the C stands for "cheap" as in price and not in terms of device quality.

The top-down racer is finally in the Ovi Store for free download [for a limited time?], and is pretty cool from my brief time playing it. Race on default tracks, custom tracks, or build your own tracks, and burn out!

Thanks to Nokia releasing free navigation for Ovi Maps, a huge number of downloads of the app have been made in just one week's time. This is big, and there's no doubt that the number

This is a pretty simple and self-explanatory application. It allows users to diagnose, troubleshoot, and configure their device on their own. Lets hope even more features are added to the list. I know I would like to see a touchscreen calibrator, brightness control, camera test, microphone speaker test, buttons test, and sensors [accelerometer, GPS, compass, etc.] test.


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