Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The iPad Has No Future In The Mobile Space

That's right, I'm going outright and stating that Apple's new iPad will fail as a truly mobile device...
- It's not mobile enough [can't fit in anyone but MC Hammer's old parachute pants pockets].
- It has no built-in camera [dumb, dumb, and dumb].
- It has no definitive purpose [big smartphone? e-book reader? Internet tablet? what the heck is this thing?! at least we knew the iPod was definitely an mp3 player].
- It's being built around an operating system that already has a device [sure it can make use of all the iPhone and iPod Touch apps, but so can the iPhone and the iPod Touch!].
- It uses the micro-SIM card that hardly anyone uses...yet [okay, this is just Apple being difficult again. Can we at least get two options of the standards for the SIM format? Way to lock down a new device Apple.]


At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so....how did this post/prediction work out for ya?

even i knew (and i'm a windows guy!) that the ipad was game changer for many.

Either way, i use to enjoy your blog back when nokia offered some hope to doing something worthy.

Either way, put it all aside, get back to writing about todays tech...and bring net9 front and center.

-written from my ipad..haha. (not really)

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Derek_Coleman said...

True, this post was a bit premature. However, the iPad is still not mobile enough to be the "bring anywhere" device that the iPhone and iPod Touch can be.

Good point that the iPad has been a real home computing changer, but that's not what the post was about.

I appreciate your comments, and hope you and others will enjoy future NET9 posts.


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