Monday, December 14, 2009

Mobile Post: Last One Of 2009

Well friends, this is our last mobile post for the year. We haven't done one in a while, but we just want everyone to know that there will be a lot more of these to come next year. We will no longer refer to them as mobile posts, but due to the current limitations of being able to add images and videos via our mobile devices, you should be able to tell if our posts are from the mobile or not.

This is not our very last post for 2009 either. We have our 2010 predictions post still to come. There's been an influx of mobile news that has developed in just the last couple of months, and we're beginning to see a fairly steady pattern. It seems that more news surrounding mobile is made closer to the end of each year.

Whatever the case may be, the mobile industry is growing at a break-neck pace, and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to fully emerse yourself in the latest tech trends, and even take a little risk in forming your own ideas on where mobile will take us in the future. We have to remember that the mobile experience is a personal one, and our ideas may not completely mesh well with yours or anyone elses. Our motto however, will always remain the same...

"Don't Let The Future Happen, Make It Happen"


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