Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nokia+Microsoft, IBM+Samsung, Cr-48 Update

So, Nokia and Microsoft have joined forces and could either change the mobile industry forever in a huge way, or be the end for Nokia and the beginning of a new mobile era staring Apple and Google. I’m still not sure what to think about this news. On one hand, it’s sad that Nokia has given up on Symbian OS for Windows Phone OS. On the other hand, this could lead to some interesting mobile developments in the near and distant future. I truly hope it works out for both Nokia and Microsoft, and wish them the best. However, I will wait and see what comes of this new partnership. Meanwhile, I’m growing fonder of iOS and even Android to some extent.

IBM and Samsung have announced a patent cross-license agreement, and will likely have a huge impact on computer technology in the world soon. Of course, cross-license agreements like these happen all the time, but I imagine as time progresses this will be one of the most common solutions to the ever growing patent problem that has been stifling innovation for many industries. I look forward to a day when the patent application process is made obsolete and companies can see that collaboration is key to the survival and growth of any industry.

It’s funny how I seem to have not been giving the Cr-48 much time lately, but there are a few good reasons for that. For one, I have been using Netflix [a lot], and I can watch movies on my iPod Touch and PC, but it’s not compatible with Chrome OS and so there’s the problem. The second reason for not using the Cr-48 is mobility. Sure, I could take it some places, but it can’t be with me everywhere I go. The iPod Touch takes care of that problem also. There are other small reasons I haven’t been using the Cr-48 much, but they are few. I have yet to discover a “killer app” for the Cr-48, but for now I can just count on it eventually replacing my PC for most of my everyday use. I think the PC is becoming more of a storage server for files [music, movies, photos, etc.] now anyway. I’ll keep coming back to the Chrome-powered notebook to find new web apps and to do a lot of web work and research, but I don’t see it ever getting as much attention as a mobile computer like the iPod Touch.