Sunday, December 18, 2005

News 12.18.2005

Internet News
- Ice Storm Leaves 500,000 Without Power - These are the events that will become more devastating as we continue to rely more and more on electricity for everyday life. It is sad that in 2005-2006 we still have to depend on such outdated technology to power our newer technology. What will it take for us to wake up to this issue that needs to eventually be solved?

- Ramp Creates Power As Cars Pass - This is the sort of technological advancements that are needed in the world today. Imagine toll roads, underground parking lots, and fast-food restaurants using this ramp.

- Gmail Mobile on The PSP - Thanks to Google, we are now able to do most of the things on the go that we are accustom to doing on the PC. I think Google is doing an excellent job at supporting mobile devices and the mobile world has become much more rich because of that. Mobile computing will play a large role in the future, and Google knows it. With the addition of Google Local for mobile and now Gmail Mobile, we have two of the most needed tools for users on the go.

- Linux Running On The PalmOne LifeDrive - Behold, the power of Linux at its best. As mobile devices begin to use the same or similar parts a PC or laptop uses, It will become even more easy to run Linux on these devices. This will allow users to take full advantage of the hardware instead of being limited to what manufacturers and OEMs think you should have.

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