Saturday, January 14, 2006

News 01.14.2006

New Addition To The Mobile Family
I just got my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, and I'm using it to post this news update. It's a real pleasure to work on. Physically, it's got more substance than I thought it would be. There are the navigation issues that have been stated by other users posted around the web, but it's not so bad considering the many avenues available to get around most of the design flaws.

Getting to the OS/software, the Debian-based OS runs really stable, and the interface is smooth and efficient. There's almost a Zen-like feel to the whole experience. As for it's networking capabilities, it does excellent at connecting to networks, and I was even able to connect remotely to my PCs using the VNC Viewer and X Terminal apps available from the Maemo site.

Using Gmail, I'm able to store files as well as get mail. Most sites I visit work flawlessly, while some of my favorites have issues with the browser. This is understandable, considering they're Web 2.0/AJAX intensive.

Battery life of the device is great and can be optimized further by tweaking the vast settings for the Tablet. The multimedia capabilities are excellent, other apps are fairly quick as well. Over-all, the system is intuitive and responsive.

Look for more of my thoughts and ideas about this awesome device as I use it more and explore the many great features as well as the rapidly growing number of Open Source applications that maximize it's potential.


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