Wednesday, January 04, 2006

News 01.04.2006

Internet News
- Intel Unveils New Brand Identity - I like it. It looks pretty futuristic, but the most important thing of all, "It's still inside". I also wonder if they have decided to change the Intel jingle you hear in commercials.

- Power Could Cost More Than Servers, Google Warns - I think the solution to this problem will be a tough one to come by, but it is needed as soon as possible. In my article "The Energy Problerm", I wrote about my theory of what could occur as a result of the ever increasing demand of electricity, and here we are at the point where large companies such as Google use it on the largest scale for data farms have begun to complain about the cost and environmental effects of future growth in power consumption. I think there will be good ideas to come about how to solve this problem in the near future, as well as new start up companies to combat the issue using some of those ideas. In the end, I think everything will be okay.

- AllPeers Is The FireFox "Killer App" - It sounds like a feature the Mozilla team should have put in Firefox version 1.5. I see this being a very popular addition to the already excellent web browser. I hope I get to beta test it soon for a early review segment for NET9.

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