Friday, March 03, 2006

The Art Of Folding Hype

It's really funny how people shift gears from the hype of one company's announcement (Apple) to another (Microsoft). After the recent disappointing Apple showing early this week people have looked elsewhere to satisfy the void created by the hype. The strangest part about this hype transition is the direction it went. Microsoft!? Okay, it just so happens that March 9th Microsoft will show it's oddly hyped Origami device/software/thing/whatever and people have all locked in on the possibility of it being a great mobile device. There have been pictures and a video floating around blogs since the discovery of the teaser site, but many are skeptical and some just plain don't care as long as it turns out to be more exciting than the Apple event. How the tables have turned. Microsoft may very well benefit from the excess hype from Apple and gain more attention than they expected. Come March 9th, we'll see how good Microsoft is at Origami.

Origami Project
Origami Portal


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