Monday, March 06, 2006

Similarity Or Simulation?

Okay people, tell me why these devices look similar. Oh wait, first off I have to say that the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet shown at the top is real and has been for some time. The second device is all over the web at the time of this post and may or may not be a real device. It is rumored to be the Origami device that is the hype of the week, but I have doubts that it is in fact real.

Notice that none of the LED indicator lights are on while the screen is showing what looks to be a connection to the Internet. If this is a real picture of Microsoft's Origami device, things could get really interesting really quickly for Nokia. But that will all depend on the actual size of the device, the capabilities, and the price.

All eyes are on Microsoft at the moment with their Origami Project, but I think Nokia still has a lot more in store for the 770 in the near future. Let's just hope neither company disappoints the users and fans of mobile devices.


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