Thursday, August 03, 2006

News 08.03.2006

Okay, so I've noticed that everyone is content with 2006 OS for the Nokia 770 and all its new features. There have also been a torrent of great new applications coming out for the 770 lately. Everything from VoIP apps, games, multimedia tools and enhancements, to long awaited ports of applications from the 2005 OS catalog. So, with all this great new functionality and features given to us 770 users, what's left?

What could Nokia be up to next? Could it be possible that they are planning additional hardware to the Internet Tablet line of devices? Or maybe an upgrade to the Opera browser? Because this whole Linux-based Internet Tablet idea is relatively new, your guess is as good as mine, but what I do know is that work in the 770 community is closing the gaps in some really interesting areas. For instance, there is a lot of progress being made with MPlayer for the device, which has potential to effectively replace the built in audio and video players. Minimo, the Firefox-based web browser for mobile devices, is also making some headway that could soon put 770's Opera browser to shame.

Now I don't know how many of the features listed below other 770 users are interested in, but these are some of the things Nokia should (and may well be) working on for the next OS update:
  • At least Flash 7 support. We would like Flash 9 support once it's available for Linux though.
  • An upgrade to the Opera browser.
  • The ability to remove default applications.
  • Upgrade the Google Talk application to be able to use the new features. Google may have more to do with this than Nokia.
  • Universal repository for the Application Catalog. Multiple repositories are quite annoying.
  • A voice recorder application would be great to have for the device.


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