Saturday, September 09, 2006

3pm Injection [24]

- It's funny how Microsoft is patching its DRM faster than fatal security flaws in its OS and web browser. I guess they've got some big money riding on the Zune and iTunes Store "killer" after all. As the war on DRM continues, we will continue to update you on who's winning.

- Here are a couple other music related links for you all to keep your ears happy without DRM to hold you back:
The Hype Machine - Best audio blog aggregator I've seen so far. you can even download playlists for your favorite media player.
Brain Yoga - Yeah, that's right you need to stretch your brain before any strenuous activities too. Here's the mp3.

- As for the next 3pm update... let's just say "We Know Something You Don't Know".

3pm: "Fighting in the war against DRM"
Cee-Lo - Gettin Grown
DJ Sonix - The Psy Generation
Lenny Kravitz feat. Outkast - Again [Remix]
Paul Cooper - Unpoison
Tohuwabohu - Spiritual War

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