Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some Fun With The FON

I've been a fan of the FON idea from the beginning, but the recent news of FON starting to sell their new wireless router for $5 is the deal setter for me. I went ahead and ordered mine yesterday, and will give my review of it once I've had some time with it. Previously, FON users had to use a handful of specific routers with the FON software in order to join the FON movement. With the new La Fonera router, you get a compact sized router that offers two wireless network signals [SSIDs], one private and one public, the private signal being encrypted for complete security and the public signal only accessible to Foneros [members of the FON community].

Foneros are made up of three types:

Linuses - Foneros that share their wifi in order to get wifi for free anywhere there's a FON access point. The concept of Linuses comes from the Linus Torvalds way of thinking with Linux.

Bills - Foneros that want to make money from Aliens and advertise their business on their personalized FON access point homepage. In return they get a %50 share of the money that Aliens pay to access the community through their FON access point. The concept of Bills comes from the Bill Gates way of thinking with Microsoft.

Aliens - These are people who don't share their wifi yet. Aliens pay €/$ 3 for a Day Pass to access the FON community.

Stay tuned for my review of "La Fonera" router.

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