Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Refreshing Your Memory

IBM, Macronix, and Qimonda have teamed up to create what may well be the successor to flash memory with a demonstration of a prototype phase-change memory device that switched 500 times faster than flash while using less than half the power to write data into a cell. This could possibly be a viable solution for mobile devices that are becoming increasingly demanding for faster, more efficient memory. However, don't expect to see this new memory technology until around 2008.
Techworld | Ars Technica

For slightly faster and higher storage capacity than current memory, Sony and SanDisk are rolling out a new Memory Stick format. Memory Stick Pro-HG is slated to be up to three times faster than the current Memory Stick Pro format, with that same "theoretical limit" of 32GB storage capacity. Expect to see the new card some time in 2007. For what it's worth, it sounds as if the two formats [Pro and Pro-HG] are compatible with Pro-HG functioning as Memory Stick Pro in Memory Stick Pro compliant host devices. Of course, many a consumer will likely be baffled once again as to why Sony persists on creating "Yet Another Memory Stick Format" every other year.
Gizmodo | TechSpot

Speaking of memory, check out the essay by Nokia's Dr. Ari Jaaski at LinuxDevices for an excellent rundown of the work put into
creation of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and the platform and essential software that powers it. There's a good bit of history being built around this new mobile genre, and a lot of us are excited about its future as well.

Also, stay tuned for our "Best Of NET9 - 2006" and "Predictions For 2007" posts coming soon.


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