Monday, January 01, 2007

Is Your Code Solid Gold?

This is it. In 2007, NET9 begins it's next stage of helping to build the future of mobile Information Technology by producing new applications and other useful code snippets for the Meamo platform and potentially, other mobile platforms as well.

And so, we present you with, our new central location for all things related to our programing projects. Here you'll find information about our projects and eventually complete applications. Our goal is to fully utilize the resources provided to us in order to develop and maintain quality Open Source applications for the community to use and even build upon. We are approaching this goal from more of an end user's perspective, and so the feedback from the community will be key in how our projects grow and develop.

We're also a little new to this, so any support [be that suggestions, comments, criticism, etc.] is more than welcome and just as golden as our ideas for the future.


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