Monday, April 23, 2007

Be Part Of The Mobile Experience?

"Part of you too can live forever if you donate your brain to the NeoNeuron Foundation, which firmly believes that 'after you're gone you'll still be here'. Our 'extended-life' program is unique in that you'll be helping to provide much of the needed processing power for the next generation's mobile devices. Think of it as the future of open source, or just feel comfortable that even after most of your body becomes useless, you'll still be able to help shape the future young people of the world with some of your neurons embedded alongside others in various NeoNeuron powered devices. Give willingly to the future of the Bio-Neuro Network movement what the Internet of the past has given you."

Okay, this sounds like a pretty scary marketing pitch from a non-existent (yet?) company that hopes to profit from your loss in a very strange, yet very possible way. Can you imagine a future where you can donate your brain towards powering gadgets of the future? What if we find that the brain still stores parts of our consciousness even after we die? If possible, what would the effects of our residual consciousness be on the devices which happen to effect society? These and other questions may very well be common ones in the future as we journey closer to actually producing efficient "biological processing units" in the labs, but I pose them now to those daring enough to attempt to answer them. You may find yourself coming up with more questions than answers.

Until next time, may the future keep scratching at your brain. :)


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