Monday, May 07, 2007

Internet Tablet Competition Getting Stronger

A while back I talked about some potential competitors of the Internet Tablets, and since then there have been more and more devices coming ever closer to truly posing a challenge to Nokia's new wireless Internet appliance genre. However, I still wonder if the new competitors like Intel and their upcoming Mobile Internet Device will have much of an impact on the overall popularity of Nokia's tablets that has taken a very short time to build up. In my opinion, the N800 didn't offer much over the 770 in terms of quality software, but hardware wise it was quite a step up. And even though the 770 suites my needs quite well at the moment, I look forward to Nokia's next new tablets, as there is now an even greater incentive to create the best device in this class.

The overall idea of Linux powered mobile devices like these are a relatively new and exciting development, but the "battle to bring the best" is close on the horizon, and Nokia will have to fend off the likes of Intel soon. I think the only way they'll be able to do so is to make a greater effort in making sure their current Internet Tablet customers don't feel completely left behind whenever newer hardware (as well as some software) is released. I trust that Nokia can pull it off, and I think they have learned a lot from past mistakes. Time is the determining factor now, and the future will either show Nokia as the greatest innovator or simply a pioneer of these devices.


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