Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Position Art Genius

As a fellow artist (and self proclaimed genius) it is my duty to present one of the coolest artists of our time. The Position Art Genius, Stavros has recently produced his greatest piece to date in the heart of Rome. Stavros uses a Nokia N82 to geotag his position to create various shapes and even more complex pictures.

I must thank Stavros and WOM World for sending NET9 the awesome T-shirt with a portrait of the genius on the front. I will wear it with honor for the world to learn of Stavros. Also for the signed and numbered super duper limited edition poster. And of course, I can't thank Stavros enough for the one of a kind, framed and signed NET9 position art piece.

For those who are unfortunate not to know the phenomenon that is Stavros, you can become fortunate by learning about the genius at The World Is My Canvas site. Also view some of his great works and photos too. Now please excuse me while I continue to gaze at the great position art Stavros has blessed me with.


At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Mark Guim said...

I'm so jealous I did not get my own art! That's pretty cool.


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