Thursday, February 26, 2009

Straighten Up And Fly Right...

We've added a new blog to the list of links recently. ...A Dog In That Fight is one that is close to my heart because it doesn't sugarcoat what's going on in this ever changing world we're living in. Because it's still Black History Month, I feel it is my duty to also acknowledge Nat King Cole as one of the greatest African American musicians in the ever growing list of talented artists. I can honestly say that my love of music has brought me far and wide when it comes to the various genres out there, and it is awesome to know that the current generation of musicians are reaching back to put a new spin on the old hits. Nat King Cole Re: Generations is just the kind of music mixtures that will always rekindle my love for music and art in general. Come March 10th, I will buy this album. It will be the first album I buy this year, and I look forward to more great music like this in the months ahead.

On a less related note, our situation with the 3pm Injection posts being removed has forced us to make a tough decision. We have come to realize that the 3pm Injections are a risk to NET9 due to the nature of how we present them. They will not go away, but they will be different from now on. Instead of directly linking to the mp3s themselves, we will list links of places you can access the mp3s. We love music, you love music, and when it comes to the battle between us and the people and companies that think they control how we experience that music, you can rest assured we definitely have a dog in that fight.


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