Monday, August 17, 2009

N The World - Alabama

Day One [08.14.2009]
We got in town and checked into the La Quinta Inn, went swimming (the pool was great by the way). Stopped by Chocodelphia to see what was good. Ate a late lunch/early dinner at Jose's Cantina, went shopping at Wal-Mart, Michael's, and a few other shops in town. Back at the hotel room, we planned out the next day and got some much needed rest...

Day Two [08.15.2009]
We ate a nice La Quinta Inn breakfast while getting info on Jasmine Hill Gardens. We found out they are closed on weekends, but they were nice enough to let us come anyway. All you have to do is watch the videos and look at the pics to see how beautiful the gardens were (we had to sacrifice our bodies to many ruthless mosquitoes to get this footage). Next, we went to the Riverside Entertainment Center for the casino action. We didn't win, but we didn't loose a lot either. It was a lot of fun anyhow. Afterwards, we went back to Cracker Barrel for a late lunch, got cleaned up and took a nice dip in the pool again. And a good rest for a very eventful day. That night, I would discover how the N97 had failed me. A large number of my photos taken at the gardens were corrupt. What a disappointment. Fortunately, we got a lot of video footage.

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Day Three [08.16.2009]
We ate a quick breakfast and took a dip in the pool. Then we take a trip to Eastdale Mall where we watch G.I. Joe at the mall cinema and shop around for a bit. The movie was great and the mall wasn't too crowded. Then, we went to Red Lobster for dinner. The weather was just starting to get nasty too. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the trip home.

Day Four [08.17.2009]
On the way home, we stopped by Quincy's 777 Casino for a last minute gambling session and won back what we started playing with, so we headed out. It rained most of the way back, but we had a beautiful time in Alabama and were sad to leave so soon. We're back home now and are excited about figuring out where to go next.

This N The World trip was quite enjoyable, and couldn't have gone smoother if it were not for the N97 and the Google Maps application. We managed to save time, money, and energy by finding the best routes to all our destinations while in Alabama. We also were able to use sites like Montgomery Gas Prices to find the cheapest gas in town.

So, even though we lost a lot of nice pictures with the N97, the device more than made up for it. We'll keep refining our techniques in bringing you the world as we make the journey through it. We're continuing to build our N The World concept, and are constantly thinking of ways to enhance the experience. We'd love to hear your ideas as well.


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