Monday, August 10, 2009

N The World Logo And Thoughts On The N900

First off, we'd like to introduce our new logo for N The World. You'll see this logo whenever we show videos, images, and more from places we travel to. Our next trip is to Alabama for some casino action. We'll have lots of pics and video when we return.

I've been a huge fan of Nokia's Internet Tablets from day one, and purchased the Nokia 770 as soon as I could affor it. I did a little application development and testing for the first two tablets. Then I migrated to Nokia phones. The N95 was perfect for my mobile needs. Then came the N97, which apears to be more computer than phone. But alas, the low amount of memory and the unrefined UI has me once again in search of another device. Nokia's new tablet may just be what I'm looking for. Sure, I'll miss the ability to have the screen tilt and all the great Symbian apps, but I think I can manage without causing too much damage to my mobile productivity. I can't wait to trial this new Internet Tablet. It will be a very exciting Fall after all.


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