Sunday, February 28, 2010

N Focus Episode #1: A Very Rocky Start

Well, here it is. Our first episode, and boy oh boy is it a mess. We apologize for the poor quality. Like any new endeavor, the first steps are usually the hardest, and this was certainly the case with our first N Focus video. The audio quality is ridiculous, the audio sync was off by a mile [we now know the reason for this], and my frustration of editing video footage over the course of almost half a week shows up in clearly in the final cut. All in all, this first episode, which was supposed to be such an exciting pilot, was a disaster.

However, even in light of all that, we did learn a lot about editing video on the Nokia N97 and are not discouraged one bit. We are already working on episode 2, and have found a solution to the audio sync issue. The intro [as cool as I thought it was] has been scaled down to the bare minimum, we are trying out a common yet tricky editing technique, and we're working on a fix for the sound recording quality too. Please stay tuned as we continue to grow and learn with us here at NET9 as we build our N Focus portfolio. We've got a long way to go, and this is just the beginning of the beginning.


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