Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NET9: Six Years In...

Wow! So much has happened this year. For us at NET9, we've had a child born, seen Android take off, iOS mature, the number of tablets rapidly expand, and mourned the passing of a great tech icon.

A great bit of tech news slipped past us without as much as a word from the site about it, but we are very much amazed at the staggering amount of developments that have occurred in this short amount of time. I have a feeling the coming year will bring an avalanche of innovation and progress that will continue to blow our minds.

We've made it through a lot of tough times since we started six years ago, but I see great times on the horizon. We always keep a positive outlook here at NET9, and we believe the future is going to be very bright indeed.

Definitely "Making the future happen" here at NET9. To many more amazing years of mobile tech.


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