Tuesday, December 20, 2005

News 12.20.2005

Internet News
- LibJingle All The Way - Look out Skype, Gizmodo, and VoipBuster. Here comes Google.

- Web 3.0? - I personally think that it is too soon to be speculating on what to expect from Web 3.0. We are just now beginning to grasp the power of Web 2.0 using the tools that have been around for almost a decade. I also think that Web 3.0 will rely on newer hardware as well as stronger security and standard protocols. Web 2.0 has barely begun, and will have a long life before Web 3.0 is necessary.

- Why Apple Is The New Sony - Yep, the iPod is the new Walkman. The key element that Apple has going for them that Sony has never had is the charm necessary to make there proprietary hardware and software appealing while at the same time not force-feeding customers everything with a "one option" marketing scheme. Sony has tried to corner customers by making there products only work with theirmedia formats and has been successful with that approach until now. They now need to play catch-up with the likes of Apple and other companies in order to survive. History has proven time and time again that competition brings the best out of competitors. We will see what comes of Apple as they continue to make the right moves, and what Sony will do to get back in the game.

- Will Mobile Broadband Kill Wi-Fi? - I foresee Wi-Fi becoming like Ethernet, still there still needed in certain situations where newer data transportation technologies are excessive and expensive to implement.Wi-Fi isn't going anywhere.

PSP News
- EA Returns PSP Madden Fumble

Links Of The Day
- SHOUTcast
- BugMeNot
- Amazon Mechanical Turk


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