Monday, December 26, 2005

Predictions For 2006

I see just about everyone making predictions for next year and beyond and figured NET9 should have one of its own, so here is the first NET9 "Top Nine Predictions" for 2006:

- Blogs and Ajax will meet each other and produce the Blog 2.0 phenomenon.

- The Internet Tablet will gain ground quickly in the mobile computing market and give PDAs and laptops a run for their money.

- Google will release Google Calendar - It will completely blow everyone away!

- Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras will be the downfall of sites like Flickr and will cause image hosting companies to have to outsource bandwidth and storage to Google.

- The PSP will get an upgrade - more memory, built in HDD, recordable UMDs and UMD recorders, higher capacity Memory Stick PRO Duos, or something along those lines.

- VoIP will be the next "big step" for wireless mobile devices.

- Modern web browsers like Mozilla Firefox will become corner stones in the era of web-based operating systems.

- Microsoft will force itself to being a web services company by failing badly with the launch of Windows Vista and its shifted focus on its "software as services" concept.

- The companies to watch in 2006 will be:
  • Google, as they continue to make "big moves" in areas that were stagnant or didn't exist before they joined the game.
  • Sony, as they learn or didn't learn from the "rootkit fiasco"
  • Apple, as they continue to dazzle consumers with its "clean, simple, and stylish" products and services
  • Mozilla, as their Firefox Internet browser becomes the "platform of choice" as it grows in to the next generation of connectivity to the Internet.
  • Nokia, as they attempt to create a new category of mobile devices with its 770 Internet Tablet and ventures into the wonderful world of Open Source Software with the new Maemo platform.
"Don't let the future happen, make it happen." - Derek Coleman


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Derek_Coleman said...

- I guess I was sort of right there, it just didn't get as much hype as I expected.

- My has the Internet Tablet platform grown since then. I can honestly say that I use the 770 more than my laptop these days.

- Heh, another over-hyped Google service, but it is nice.

- Wow, could I have been more wrong about this one? I still don't know what Sony's thinking about these days. That's to say they're even thinking at all.

- Yeah, it was obvious this would happen, but it's not really worth the trouble for most people even on mobile devices.

- Maybe I was too hasty with this one, still waiting to see what happens in this arena.

- This one is sort of awkward, so I'll leave it sit in the freezer a while longer.

- Right, Sony WTF?, obviously right, right, right.

We'll see how well we fair for next years predictions. Less obvious and more specific.


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